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Traditional designs meet with modern texture.


One of the most popular and popular games of the world is backgammon … These lands continue to be both enjoyable and fun for hundreds of years.

Backgammon, which represents the struggle of two separate powers, of two rivalries, day and night, black and white battle, is based on mutual harmony and unchangeable rules. Equal forces, equilibrium fighting is a nice and attractive game.

The game identifies the winner, the best selection of possibilities close to 4500, and of course the dice that symbolize the chance. Just as it is in life; No power can stand in the way of luck accompanying wisdom.

SyTavla combines traditional textures with modern design. Artistic craftsmanship, quality materials and unique details increase your enthusiasm. These precious collections are presented to you with years of mastery and precision handcrafting.
In ancient times the Indian Emperor sent a chess game to the Persian Emperor as a gift with a letter next to him. In his letter, he wrote a message as follows:

Who thinks more,
Who knows better,
Whoever sees ahead is the winner.
Here is the life.

He shares this message with Büzur Mehir, the most learned vizier of the Persian empire period, and asks him to solve the game and to invent another game to be presented as a gift to the Indian emperor in return. After the vizier has worked for weeks, he solves the movements of each stone of the sent chalice and the strategy of the game. Then in 10 days he invented “Backgammon” and presented the emperor. The Persian Emperor also wrote a message to the Indian emperor to be sent along with the game of backgammon;

Yes, who thinks more,
Who knows better,
Whoever sees ahead is the winner.
But it’s a little glamor.
Here is the life.

The game, invented with inspiration from the concept of time, carries various images;

  • Backgammon as a unit of yours is one.
  • 4 corners represent 4 seasons.
  • The 6 consecutive digits in the tannery represent 12 months.
  • The sum of the stamps is 30 days of the month, light and dark colored scales symbolize day and night.
  • Twelve consecutive digits are 24 hours a day.
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